A Goal is Not Always Meant to BE Reached

A goal is a challenge and a challenge is what stimulates every living creature to change and grow.   Reflection: How different your life will be if you saw goals that way? What relationship will you have with failure and success? [...]

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished

Look around you and observe people for few moments. You will notice that the majority are either running behind something or running away from something. Although we accomplish more by running, yet we gain less quality, more clutter and less living in the [...]

Children are Experiential Creatures!

To teach a child we have to think as one, a child wants to experience life, an adult wants to make life better. A child is driven by exploration and experimentation, an adult is driven by perspective and preference. Failing [...]

Mindful Living!

Breathing in is a metaphor for listening to/receiving what the world outside of you is constantly communicating.   Breathing out is also a metaphor for expressing the needs of the world inside of you. Expressing your longings, aspirations, fears or interpretations. [...]

Authenticity is the Key to Happiness

Authenticity is about being honest and real with yourself first and then with others. Remember that time when someone told you something that made you feel uncomfortable and you said nothing? You were not authentic to yourself then! You didn’t [...]


  This is the story of a journey that I am currently on. It started with my concerns as a parent and led me to an ongoing journey that connected my past as a martial arts teacher, to my present as a father and a professional leadership coach, to my future as a catalyst to bring about a brighter future, through transforming the family culture, one family at a time. If you are a parent, this story will definitely interest you. If you are a coach, you may find the step-by-step process that I used to create a culture transformation program interesting.

SEEDS Adults Editions

SEEDS-Adults Edition is a program designed to equip parents and caregivers with the needed coaching skills, to help children and youth gain emotional balance, communication skills and social awareness. The building blocks to great communicators, speakers and leaders.

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