Robust Presence. The Fast Track to Coaching Mastery.

Robust Presence. The Fast Track to Coaching Mastery.

Monday, Jan 21, 2019

7:00pm – 9:00pm

This session is best suited for experienced coaches who are looking to advance their coaching skills to the next level of coaching mastery. It is for those who want to deepen what they know and increase the quality of what they have

Becoming a masterful coach is the only way forward! The demand for coaching is like never before, and it is even more so for great masterful coaches because of the increased awareness of the clients. At the same time, supply is growing even faster. Be a great coach ASAP or disappear in the noise of mediocre coaching in an aggressive market.

This session will offer you a way to fast track your coaching journey to a mastery level. Bruce Lee described the path to mastery best when he said: “I FEAR NOT WHO HAS PRACTISED 10,000 KICKS ONCE, BUT I FEAR WHO HAS PRACTISED ONE KICK 10,000 TIMES.”

For thirty years, I have been studying martial arts and living a nomad life crossing many countries and cultures without being attached to any. This life taught me that the real master is the one who masters the basics and not the one who knows most techniques and tools.

From my experience with coaching, I found that the secret to coaching mastery is to embody the basics of being a human and connect it to the core competencies of being a coach.

Understanding how do I sense, feel and think and learning how to process these three different types of information with balance and without attachment helped me grow as a human being, opening for me the door to a robust coaching presence.

In this experience, participants will learn about

  • The pillars of robust presence: clear Intention, free mind and active physical awareness.
  • Listening to what clients are expressing non-verbally.
  • The subtle qualities that differentiate a masterful experienced coach from any coach.
  • Seeing the ICF credentials as different states of being that requires different levels of presence to access.


  • The robust presence and how to get there
  • Thinking and How does it work from a cognitive point of view
  • The relationship between thinking, feeling and sensing
  • The interconnectedness of Coaching Competencies
  • Looking at the ICF credentials as states of being and how would it change your coaching
  • The differences between a coach and a masterful coach
  • Somatics in coaching

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Aspria Avenue Louise
Avenue Louise 71b
Bruxelles, 1050

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