The next class of the Somatic Thinking Coaching Program starts early March 2020:

There are only a limited amount of seats left, so make sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity
to discover all you need to know to start transforming your life and coaching business.

“Since day one in your school I feel as if I’m a new born!
In 3 months time I’ve learned what life means, who I am, how I function, what my needs are, my values, what’s the purpose of my existence, what’s the meaning of humanity and the meaning of connection on all levels.
The learning you are providing is a life transforming tool that returns us to our origin, our humanity and the purpose of our creation.
I’m looking forward to the rest of my growth journey with high levels of curiosity and excitement!”

– Sara

As a Thank You for watching our Free Training, You can Join our Online ICF Accredited Somatic Thinking Coaching Program For Just   €1159!

What you’re going to get…

  • 16 interactive live training sessions (€2997 value)

  • 5 individual mentoring hours by a Master Certified Coach
    (€997 value)

  • 3 hours of individual coaching to kickstart your own personal growth (€597 value)

  • Guaranteed transformative change (priceless)


Not to mention, your teacher is awarded with the ICF Young Leader Award, meaning he’s one of the few coaches expected to lead the coaching profession into the future…

As you can see the total value of this program is €4591, but you can get it for €1159!
This means you’re only paying roughly 25% of what it’s actually worth! 

“This program was a life-changing experience for me.”


Is this you?

As this is a very exclusive program (only 20 people) with a lot of personal attention and coaching, we only want you to join if you match the following criteria:

🔥 You’re ready to put effort into gaining more balance and clarity in your life.

🔥 You’re ready to start building a real relationship with yourself.

🔥 You have the passion to help others and want to do it(or are at least curious to do it) by coaching in the most authentic way possible.

🔥 You’re willing to invest at least a few hours a week to join the interactive live sessions.

If this isn’t you, there’s probably a more suitable program out there for you. 

“I would recommend this program to anyone ready to take a huge step towards knowing yourself.”


This is what you’ll learn if you decide to sign up:

This program consists out of 2 modules, each for the duration of 8 weeks.

The first step to becoming a great coach (or happy human being for that matter..), is to gain clarity in your own life FIRST. That’s why the first 8 weeks of the program are all about getting to know yourself and learning to be present.

You’ll discover:

✅ Your relationship to life and everything in it.
✅ Your mind-body connection and how it influences your behaviors.
✅ The three fundamental parts that shape who you are.
✅ The different mental perspectives and how they influence how you interact with life.
✅ The three perceptual spheres you can access to be present in your environment, your interactions with others and yourself.
✅ How to assess and understand your own needs and challenges.
✅ How to activate your sensory perception in order to start sensing and feeling more.
✅ The amazing growth a few sessions of being coached in a Somatic Thinking way can bring.

In the second module you’ll use all the knowledge, skills and awareness you gained from the first 8 weeks to start coaching. Most of the sessions will consist out of either you coaching one of your classmates or one of your classmates coaching you. By the end of the program you’ll start coaching real clients, being mentored every step of the way. 

You’ll learn:

✅ The three fundamental parts that make up a great coaching conversation.
✅ How to listen in a profound way (verbal and non-verbal).
✅ How to gain clarity around the purpose of the coaching relationship.
✅ How to ask profound questions and use clean language.
✅ How to be a clear mirror, which is one of the core skills of being a Somatic Thinking coach.
✅ What it means to have the curiosity of a child and how it benefits your coaching.
✅ How to assess your clients’ inner and outer world.
✅ How to create a growth plan and stay on the path of awareness expansion.

“It’s one of the most professional programs I have ever seen in my life! Strong, focused, clear and transformational in a very short time.”

– Riham

You won’t get this anywhere else:

What you need to know:

⚡ The interactive live sessions will take place every Tuesday evening 18:30-21:00 Central European Time.

⚡ All the live sessions, coaching and mentoring will be done online through ZOOM calls.

⚡ All the sessions will be recorded, so you can rewatch the training if you can’t make it to the live event (of course we hope you can make it to as many as possible).

⚡ There’s a follow-up program you can join if you’re excited to learn more after completing this course.

⚡ You don’t have to be an (aspiring) coach to benefit from this program, the growth and communication skills you’ll receive from this training are beneficial to all human beings.

⚡ After signing up, it will take us a few hours to process your payment, but I’ll make sure to welcome you as soon as I can!

“Samer is an inspirational thought leader and life coach. I feel blessed to have experienced his teachings at a time when I was immersed in my own soul searching and spiritual path. I appreciate his honesty, compassion and the way he empowers individuals to find their “way” in life. I continue to look forward to his teachings in the future.”

– Elaine

If you’re still not convinced this is the right fit for you…

…that’s okay :)

I’m not here to force you into something you don’t want or aren’t sure of. I understand that even with the 75% discount, € 1159 can be a big investment. But if you do make this investment, know it’s ultimately an investment in yourself, which is the best investment you can make.

If you do still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact me:

I’m very passionate about this program, I wouldn’t be offering it to you if I wasn’t 100% convinced it has the potential to change your life. I hope I’ll be able to get to know you soon and share this exciting journey.

Until then, I wish you all the best.

Samer Hassan
Founder of KUN Coaching