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Retreats & Group Coaching


Re-Set is a full immersion training program that ranges ...

The difference between training, teaching and group coaching with Kun’s methodology is

  • Conventional training and teaching is a knowledge transferring process between the teacher/trainer as the active source of information, and the learner in a group as a passive receiver of the information.
  • Group Coaching with Kun’s Methodology is a knowledge ACTIVATION process. It starts by activating the participants’ interactive skills ( How to interact with people and received information) using specially designed experiential practices and then starting a group interaction around the specific learning topic. The reported outcomes are better able to absorb information, rapid behavioural adjustment, ease in connecting the gained information to our perception-behavioural patterns-and-everyday life and invoking lasting change. Both learner and coach are being active in Kun’s group coaching, which is the secret behind transforming information into active knowledge.

The benefits of Group Coaching with Kun

  • Learning with a group is less intense and focused than individual coaching, making it a good safe place to experience what coaching can offer you.
  • Knowledge activation and behavioural change instead of the passive/conventional information gaining
  • By far less expensive than individual coaching.
  • Group coaching topics are diverse, ranging from improving lifestyle and relationships, setting goals, leadership, balance and many other topics.

Group coaching sessions online and In-person


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