You’ve heard of IQ and probably even EQ, but do you know your CQ?

CQ stands for Cultural Intelligence, and it is “a person’s capability to function effectively in situations characterised by cultural diversity.” (Ang, Van Dyne, & Koh, 2005; Earley & Ang, 2003; Earley & Mosakowski, 2005)

While the global economy has given businesses the chance to enter previously untapped markets in places like the Middle East, Africa, and even Europe, many are learning the hard way what happens without strong cultural awareness.

Without a strong CQ, cultural differences are natural breeding grounds for accidental offences, unclear communication, and frustrating communications.

When your team exhibits a strong CQ, cultural diversity becomes an opportunity to leverage those differences to foster understanding, teamwork, and personal and organisational growth.

While humans are almost fixed with the same IQ level throughout life, CQ offers a generous growth potential for those who wish to learn.

Kun Intercultural Intelligence Coaching provides a unique chance for leaders and teams to bravely step outside of cultural comfort zones. The reward of this embrace and understanding of diversity is a more cohesive organisation that builds on the unique contributions of each member and culture represented within.

Intercultural Intelligence Coaching is ideal for these situations:

  • Ease Expatriate Transitions (help your executive talent adapt so they embrace their temporary home and work as the life-changing experience it is)
  • Manage Global Teams (multiply effectiveness through understanding of individual contributions to the team’s success)
  • Onboard New Recruits (speed the understanding of the organizational culture so your employees become productive right away)
  • Promote Organisational Cohesiveness (enable employees to identify and understand cultural diversity and how it helps the organisation succeed)

to discover how we’ll customise our Intercultural Intelligence Coaching for your organisation.