Redefine Your Meaning of Love, Please!

Love is a vague, overused and elusive word. In love name, we lose ourselves, in love name we tolerate abusive relationships and in its name we take people for granted.

STOP loving please and start caring.

Real LOVE is the accumulation of CARE!

Saying I love you means nothing.

Caring enough to listen to me means real love.

Saying you mean a lot to me means nothing.

Caring enough to respect my opinion even if it is different then yours means real love.

Saying I will protect you means nothing

Caring enough to get curious about how am I different today means real love

Saying that you want to help me by fixing my problems means nothing

Caring enough to accept my darkness without trying to fix me means real love

Saying you are the most important person in my life means nothing

Caring to learn what happened to me today means real love

What else can you add?

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