The Somatic Thinking™ Coach Certification Program (STCP) is one of the most comprehensive coach training programs in the world.

Somatic Thinking™ Certification Program (STCP) is the premier offering of the Somatic Thinking™ Coaching approach. Through this program, students become fully certified and licensed to practice Somatic Thinking™ Coaching.  STCP is in line with the International Coach Federation (ICF) competencies and guidelines for professional Level Training. Our program is currently going through the ICF vigorous ACTP accreditation process. Learn more about the ICF CLICK HERE 

Somatic Thinking is a coaching approach that activates your physical awareness to become a valuable asset in coaching. It is a way of thinking and a coaching approach, based on the solid belief that any kind of sustainable change must include purposeful shifts in the Neural Sensory System.

Somatic Thinking Coaching Definition is: Partnering with clients in highlighting the mind-body-challenge connection that promotes constant awareness and inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

Our proprietary Somatic Thinking™ training brings about highly effective results in short periods of time to address personal or professional issues. The results are quick and long-lasting, which makes this a powerful form of situational or transitional coaching.

Learn more about the Somatic Thinking™ coaching approach CLICK HERE


Coach Specific Training
Practicing Coaching With Real Clients
Virtual Group Coaching Sessions
Practicing Coaching With Peers
Professional Coach Mentoring
Access to Our Online Personal Development Courses

You’ll walk away from this training with a core understanding of the theory, practice, and experience of Somatic Thinking™ to help clients in your practice achieve lasting results in a shorter period of time.



The first module of the Somatic Thinking™ Coach Certification program (STCP). It is composed of a powerful and rigorous three-month foundational curriculum that includes an immediate and direct application of the Somatic Thinking™ coaching methodology.


  • 3 Months
  • 2 Sessions of in-class Face-to-Face Training. Each session composed of 3 full days each.
  • 3 Professional mentoring sessions
  • 3 Virtual group coaching sessions


This first module is designed for anyone who wants to learn how to effectively coach using our Somatic Thinking™ methodology. This module is also for coaches, therapists, and leaders who want to add a meaningful and powerful boost to an existing successful practice that is calling for renewal and regeneration.

In only 3 short months, you can start practicing this method.


While working in the ‘coach behind the coach’ Apprenticeship Phase of the module, participants discover the reality of coaching real clients, designing coaching programs, conducting powerful client assessments, providing new perspectives to their clients, and developing sustainable change—all the while the coach is fully supported and coached by STCP faculty via in class and distance education.

In addition to learning about coaching on a cognitive level, participants get to receive it! Future coaches get to experience the Somatic Thinking™ process as a client and witness great presence and power as this coaching approach unfolds for the benefit of all.

This module leaves participants able to practice as certified Somatic Thinking™ Apprentice Coaches upon successful completion of all facets of the curriculum.

The Professional Coach Certification Module (STCP-2), is the second module of the Somatic Thinking™ Coach Certification program (STCP). This module focuses on deepening a coach’s understanding and embodiment of the Somatic Thinking™ methodology over a 5-month period.


  • 5 Months
  • 2 Sessions of in-class Face-to-Face Training. Each session composed of 3 full days each.
  • 4 Professional mentoring sessions
  • 2 Virtual group coaching sessions


Only coaches who successfully completed module one can participate in module two.


The strong foundation of the previous module STCP-1 allows participants to move into this next module readily able to integrate new material that spans wider and deeper spectrums of understanding how people perceive, change, and develop.

This Module produces advanced shifts in participants’ coaching work and personal development in addition to methodological frameworks.

One-on-one coaching, large- and small-group learning, and reflection time are all incorporated in this module. The coach’s advanced skills manifest over the term of the program. Continuous competency development is assessed, and the faculty team provides constructive, useful feedback on an ongoing basis.

Upon successful completion of all facets of the curriculum STCP-2 Graduates will be able to demonstrate a Professional level of embodiment to our Somatic Thinking™ methodology and the ICF core competencies. This module meets the ICF’s training hours’ requirement for an ACC level of accreditation.


It’s one of the most professional programs I have ever seen in my life, strong, focused, clear and transformational in a very short time.

Mrs. Riham Sobhy

I would definitely recommend this program because it is a huge step towards knowing ourselves.

Mrs.Taline Mikaelian

I would recommend this program to anyone who deals with people professionally and even on a personal level.

Dr. Kareem Salah

If you don’t want to take this program as a professional career, just take it to understand yourself better and to be able to see other people for whom they truly are.

Mr. Ahmed Zaki

This program was a life-changing process for me.

Mrs. Nervana Adel