Is the ability to navigate uncertainty and unpredictability with the client to creativity, innovation and success. The problem raises when coaches tend to believe that deep expertise, various coaching tools, and planning ahead is the key to success. Making coaches less adaptable themselves when facing the unpredictability of the client life.

What does the client need from coaching?

Clients won’t trust models, techniques and degrees, maybe they will do it to hire you yet once the coaching starts what they will really need from you and can’t get from any other professional is your unique #presence. Not your expertise, they need to experience the safety bubble that comes with your #presence, where they can be themselves and find the courage to face the uncomfortable unpredictability in their lives.

What coaches need to shine?

Inspired by the words of the brilliant Frans Johansson “If innovation is so unexpected we need to change the rules of the game.”

Coaches need to change the rules of the professional game instead of playing by the same rules a consultant, a mentor or a corporate trainer does. Leveraging our real value; #presence is the #game-changer that we all need to invest in.

How are we changing the coach training game?

My partner Tünde Erdös, MSc., MCC, EMCC Senior Practitioner, PhD(c) and I have founded #IntegrativePresence a coaching methodology that has presence by design as its DNA. It is #evidencebased and geared to help coaches access and maintain a multilayered presence that honours oneself, the client and the broader context. It works by making a shift in the way that the coach experience everyday life translating the accumulative experiential learning into an authentic and effortless presence in coaching.

Experience Integrative Presence!!!