Project Description

Coach Marwa Sherif, PCC

Marwa is one of the core managing team of Kun Coaching the arabic program. She is also a co-facilitator in different Kun Coaching arabic programs and workshops since 2017. Marwa graduated at AUC in 1993, majored in mass communication and psychology. She worked at AL-Ahram association "El Beit magazine" for 16 years before living abroad for 5 years. She is a married, proud mother of two young men, yet she always has time for charity work. She works with patients and staff in "57357 association".

Marwa has always been a spiritual person. She first started her spiritual path abroad where she started a journey in which she focused on homeostasis which is an equilibrium between mind and body.

She studied, practiced and mastered various forms of healing energy (with stones, aroma and colors), a holistic science known as Ayurveda, a meridian form of healing known as Shiatsu and Transcendental Meditation. Her unparalleled passion for learning has been the key element behind her success as a Hatha yoga instructor

Marwa and coaching

Like everyone, Marwa had her personal issues that she kept trying to solve using different methods. The most effective method she found was life coaching which helped her a lot with overcoming her challenges and fulfilling her ultimate potential. All those benefits she gained from coaching -along with her passion for helping people - encouraged her to become a coach herself to be able to help others in a professional way.

What is Somatic Thinking

Marwa uses the Somatic Thinking coaching method, which she studied at Kun coaching academy and became a graduate of the first cohort of the "Somatic Thinking" coach training program. This method of coaching is since the body is a vessel containing and expressing our thoughts and emotions, that's why it's easier to understand what we feel and what we need if we listened to our bodies.

Marwa loves working on relationship and personal growth challenges in general through personal life coaching and family coaching. Marwa has more than 500 coaching hours with diversified clientele in the past 3 years. She has a special appreciation for family values and believes that a better future can only be achieved through bringing up a healthy mature generation and that starts with raising self-awareness among young women.