Grow Beyond the Limits of Objectives & Challenges

Kun's Mission

Helping Individuals And Organisations Grow Beyond Their Limits Through Holistic Awareness.

KUN (كن ) refers to the ancient Arabic word describing the act of manifesting, existing, and being. This powerful word perfectly describes our mission “growing beyond limits through holistic awareness”.

KUN also illustrates our dedication to helping individuals rediscover, cultivate and strengthen who they want to be.

Kun's Vision

Building Humane Communities With Authenticity And Presence As Its Compass.

We want to bring back humane environment and communication to humans. CEOs desire to grow revenue in global markets, human resource managers aspires to cultivate teamwork in multicultural organisations, employees crave to develop their full potential, parents’ wishes for harmony in their families and Individuals seek to gain new understanding about themselves and their world to grow beyond their personal and professional limits.

Our answer is to awaken the authentic humane human inside of the individual by activating presence and authentic communication.

KUN Values


The innate ability any creature possesses; it forms the basis of each skill humans have ever developed. For us to learn and live fully we need to be able to observe ourselves and our surroundings interacting in the moment. We strive to be present with what is happening as it happiness without biases.


The foundation of authentic interaction is allowing our mind and body to convey the same message verbally and non-verbally without contradiction. For this to happen it need to come from presence to be true, genuine, and transparent. Within ourselves, our communities, and with our clients, we operate with authenticity.


An ancient Arabic concept that roughly translates in English to devotion-in-action, Ihsan is when you do something from the heart with passion and mastery intention not for the sake of the results but for the satisfaction that one feels of doing it. Bringing our all to action with Ihsan becomes our reward in itself and not just a mean for a future gain.


Coach-One-Coach-All. The overriding law governing everything in one’s life is interconnectedness. From the individual to small personal and professional groups to large communities and organisations, these systems reciprocally impact each other on a constant basis. Embracing the law of interconnectedness holds the key to aligning our inner world (mind, body, and heart) as well as understanding our influence and impact on the outer world.


We are social creatures and the journey of life is extremely burdensome for a single individual, yet on the other hand an intolerant community can be soul crushing. Our answer to this predicament was to exchange the concept of community with companionship, which is an optimised community that is built on the same values (Presence, Authenticity, Interconnectedness and Ihsan) and share the same communication codes. We love to grow and live in companionship.

All the art that symbolise our values are Arabic calligraphy and the gift of the amazing artist Rana Chalabi

KUN Team

Founder & CEO

Samer Hassan, MCC

Growth Coach And Mentor. Serving Coaches, Leaders And Organisations.

“I believe that the true intent of coaching is growing people’s awareness beyond objectives.”

Celebrated as the first native Arabic speaker who obtained the MCC (Master Certified Coach), and as an ICF Young Leader honouree for the year 2019, because of the embodiment of the ICF core values and being a thought leader in the field of coaching.


Partner & GM

Marwa Mahmoud, PCC

Growth Coach And Mentor. Serving Coaches, Leaders And Organisations.

General Manager, Arabic Department Director, Board Member, Faculty Member and Kun Business Partner.

“Hardship and challenges is the beginning of self awareness and fulfilment”

Marwa always seeks harmony between her personal life, work, and continuous study. She worked for more than 15 years in the field of business administration and obtained master’s degree (MBA). She also studied human science….


Partner & QM

Marwa Sherif, PCC

Growth Coach And Mentor. Serving Coaches, Leaders And Organisations.

Quality Manager, Special Projects Manager, Board Member, Faculty Member and Kun Business Partner.

Being authentic in sharing the journey with my Coachee to increase his self awareness is my main tool to untangle the equation of the secretive world inside every one of us. I believe in connecting and coexisting with different cultures and societies, which I learned through my study of Somatic thinking. This was an important component in my path towards openness and awareness….



Sara Samir – HAYAH, PCC

Growth Coach And Mentor. Serving Coaches, Leaders And Organisations.

English Department Director, Faculty Member and Board Member .

I am a simple person who loves to connect with people, a person who believes that authenticity is the key to living a fulfilling life. I have played several roles in my life, but the ones that shaped me the most were, first, the mother role of 20 years old twin daughters, this role taught me and is still…


KUN Associates

We are joined at Kun by a strong network of associate coaches to bring you the very best training and growth. Each associate coach is certified by KUN and by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) or an equivalent reputable coaching governing body such as the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) or the International Association of Coaching (IAC).

Not only do our coaches have the necessary training and certification to bring about growth to individuals, leaders and organisations, they bring with them decades of professional experience and leadership in international organisations to better understand the real concerns of leaders, teams, and individuals in today’s global marketplace.

Are you ready to work with our team of coaches to transform your global organisation?

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KUN Clients


Samer’s coaching and training from Kun can help any business professional get to greater heights. It will fire up that entrepreneurial spirit. I highly recommended especially to those who want nothing but the best

Sebastien Charles, MBA, CPA, CMA, Your trusted business advisor

A great workshop at King Abdullah Economic city, targeting selected employees with high potential in Emaar, the Economic city, showing a high energy level, engagement and the ability to guide the participants to teach the techniques of coaching and developing people

FIRAS FAIRAK, Talent Development Assistant Manager at Emaar Economic City

Samer from Kun provides an insightful and creative perspective on a coaching issue. He drills down with clarity and precision to bring to light the root of the issue, then offers simple yet impactful exercises to address it. His observations and questions are made with compassion and wisdom. Being coached by Samer has been a great experience for me”

Ivan Fenton, Retired Senior Officer In The Canadian Forces

Thank you Kun coaching for providing us with an excellent workshop the evaluation feedback was extremely positive, 93% of the participants felt that they will be able to apply the learning to their work and 100% would recommend this workshop to others.

LINDA SEARSON, Planning and Coordination Division, Public Health Agency of Canada

Samer from Kun delivered a wonderful workshop on Somatic Thinking at the ICF Poland Conference in Warsaw. The quality of his presence, the energy radiating from him was outstanding. His way of presentation was clear and insightful

Magdalena Giec, Ericsson Certified Professional Coach, PCC, MBA, POLAND

This was more than the gaining of knowledge; it offered me actual experiences. It is more like going on an adventure, than going to a workshop. I am very grateful for this amazing experience. Thank You!”

Laura Hakala, Stress Management and Addictions Counsellor, Thunder Bay, Canada

Samer from Kun integrates development of mind, body and spirit with elegant mastery. He draws on his in-depth knowledge of many of the ancient wisdom teachings, bringing strength and compassion in his service to others

IAN MATHESON, Executive DirTreasury Board Secretariat of Canada

I have worked with Samer from Kun and I can’t say enough about the quality of his coaching skills and his authentic ability to dig deep into the issues at hand. His calming nature mixed with his knowledge and education is very assuring when being coached. I have and would continue recommending him

Mona Laham, Manager, Human Resources