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Get ready to transform your coaching journey with the STAIC program—an enthralling adventure that promises not just learning but a complete metamorphosis of your coaching identity. Led by the visionary Samer Hassan, MCC, and founder of Somatic Thinking, this is where your coaching prowess meets its true potential.


Completion of the first level (STIC) is essential for participation. This requirement ensures that all participants have a foundational understanding of Somatic Thinking principles, ready to explore advanced techniques and applications.

Phase One: The Expansion

Duration: 4 Enthralling Days

For the Deep Divers (In-Person participation): Arrival on June 6th training on 7th, 8th and 9th 2024

For the Online Divers (Online participation): Engage in 2 powerhouse sessions/day, 3 Hours each day Starting from the June 6th evening

Phase Two: The Ascension

Duration:  4 Revolutionary Days

For the Deep Divers (In-Person Dates):  Arrival on July 11th, training on 12th, 13th and 14th 2024

For the Online Divers (Online participation): Dive into 2 sessions/day, 3 Hours of pure coaching gold, each day Starting from the July 11th evening

In-Person Perks with Samer Hassan, MCC

  • Sunrise to Sunset Immersion: Prepare for a day-long voyage into the heart of coaching like never before.
  • Exclusive Kinetic Learning: Experience Samer’s unique somatic exercises, catapulting your presence and coaching dexterity to new heights.
  • Direct Wisdom: Absorb the essence of Somatic Thinking directly from Samer, with invaluable feedback that’s gold dust for your coaching journey.
  • Community of Mavericks: Connect, converse, and create lifelong bonds with fellow coaching enthusiasts in an environment that buzzes with potential.

On the other hand, Online Diver will benefit from,

  • Real-Time Engagement: Zoom into sessions brimming with interaction, learning, and breakthroughs.
  • Unlimited Access: Get your hands on digital materials and recordings, ensuring your learning never hits pause.

Journey Brilliance

  • Elevate Your Coaching Game: Journey through advanced Somatic Thinking landscapes, unlocking new realms of coaching prowess.
  • Tailored Growth: With post-program group coaching and one-on-one sessions, your growth is not just promised—it’s personalized.
  • Step Towards Certification: Embark on this journey and edge closer to achieving your ICF’s PCC-level accreditation.


Jump Onboard!

Your Investment will be a gateway to unparalleled growth, including all program essentials, for in-person attendees, nourishing meals a breath-taking atmosphere to fuel your journey, plus the extra Somatic Thinking training for a deeper accelerated impact.

Note: Our program fees are primarily set in Emirati Dirhams with the possibility to pay in USD or EGP. Upon checkout, you will find payment plan options. 
  • In-person Deep Divers12500 AED

Fees include:

– All training activities

– Individual coaching and mentoring sessions

– Access to all program recordings for a one-year

– Food and accommodation

– Transportation from the Airport/pickup point to the facility and back. (Flights are not included)

  • Online Divers Investment: 7345 AED

Fees include:

– All coach training activities only. ( Two sessions a day)

– Individual coaching and mentoring sessions

Deadline to Destiny: Earlybird price (10% discount) will end on May 10th 2024



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Who Is This For?

  • If you’re yearning to amplify your Somatic Thinking coaching skills directly under the tutelage of it’s founder…
  • If the thought of diving into an intensive, full-day immersion from sunrise to sunset sends thrilling shivers down your spine…
  • If you’ve triumphed through the STIC level and thirst for more…


Then, “Unveil Your Mastery: STAIC Program with Samer Hassan” is your next adventure.


Program Overview

The Advanced Individual Coach Training (STAIC), unfolds as an intensive, transformative experience designed to deepen your coaching expertise. Spanning 106 hours, this program is segmented into sessions conducted across two immersive phases—Four full days followed by four full days of deep engagement. Alongside the group sessions, each participant will receive 2 individual coaching sessions and 3 individual mentoring sessions, tailored to refine and personalize the learning experience. This advanced level, rooted in the potent Somatic Thinking™ methodology and accredited by the ICF, is crafted to elevate your coaching credentials and mastery under the direct guidance of Samer Hassan, MCC.

The curriculum is focused on

  • Embodying a Deeper Level of Presence: Cultivate a profound presence that becomes your core strength in all coaching interactions.
  • Holistic Perception of Coachees: Sharpen your ability to see coachees in their entirety, appreciating and addressing their diverse needs.
  • Mastering Somatosensory Work: Delve into the techniques of somatosensory work both online and in-person, aimed at boosting the coachee’s awareness and engagement.

Core Topics Include:

  • The Nature of Life and Omni-Sphere: Explore fundamental and expansive concepts that underpin human existence and interactions.
  • Working with the Body: Engage in practical bodywork techniques that align the mind and body through movement and mindfulness.
  • Body Scan and Somatosensory Work: Learn to conduct thorough body scans and apply somatosensory methods to enhance bodily and emotional awareness.
  • Coaching Practice: Apply your learning in real-world coaching sessions, refining your approach and technique.
  • Self-awareness & Seeing: Develop your self-awareness as a coach to better understand and navigate the coaching relationship.
  • The Professional Coach Future: Plan and prepare for your ongoing development and success in the coaching field.
  • Building Your Coaching Brand: Craft a unique coaching identity that distinguishes your services in the marketplace.
  • The Road to the ICF: Navigate the steps towards further ICF accreditation, solidifying your professional standing.
  • This program is tailored to ensure that you emerge not just equipped with advanced coaching skills, but with a renewed vision and strategy to elevate your professional coaching journey.

Certification and Beyond

Upon successfully fulfilling all components of the Level Two curriculum, graduates are entitled to the prestigious title of Certified Somatic Thinking™ Advanced Coaches. This accomplishment not only recognizes their expertise in advanced coaching techniques but also fulfils the training hour requirements set by the International Coach Federation (ICF) for the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) accreditation. This ensures that participants are on the right path following the ICF’s Level Two guidelines, further solidifying their credentials within the professional coaching community.

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Join us for an extraordinary journey that will not only redefine your coaching practice but will also invite you to step into a world where your coaching identity is reborn, vibrant, and unstoppable. Let’s make magic happen—together!



Your coach for this journey:

  • Leadership & Coaching through presence is the art of being an authentic human in support of humanity, not only goals

June 6 @ 12:00 — June 9 @ 18:00

Egypt, In-Person, Online

Coach Samer Hassan

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