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Step into the world of “STGC: Somatic Thinking Group Coaching” with Samer Hassan, and elevate your coaching journey to empower groups with unparalleled skill and intuition. Designed for those who have mastered the individual coaching techniques of Somatic Thinking, this program extends the methodology into the vibrant realm of group coaching. It offers a unique blend of knowledge activation and experiential learning that’s unmatched in the coaching world.


Mandatory Completion: Participation is exclusively open to those who have completed the STIC level, ensuring a foundational mastery of Somatic Thinking principles ready to be applied in group settings.


The STGC Experience: A 3-Day Intensive Odyssey

  • For the In-Person Deep Divers: Immerse yourself in a transformative 3-day journey under the guidance of Samer Hassan. This immersive experience promises to redefine your approach to group coaching, enhancing your skills in real time.
  • For the Online Enthusiasts: Engage in comprehensive sessions designed to replicate the in-depth and transformative energy of the in-person experience, facilitating your growth and effectiveness in inspiring groups digitally.

Unveiling the Essence of Somatic Thinking Group Coaching:

  • Revolutionary Approach: Moving beyond the constraints of traditional training methods, STGC revitalizes the learning experience with interactive and innovative techniques that ignite enthusiasm and deep engagement.
  • Shift of Focus: From concentrating solely on the individual, the program elevates the coaching experience to the group level where the coach becomes an ally, guiding a journey of collective self-discovery and growth.
  • Principle of Knowledge Activation: This foundational aspect of our methodology transcends traditional knowledge transfer, enabling transformative skill and thought evolution through active engagement and intellectual exploration.


Program Pillars:

  • Comprehensive 34-Hour Curriculum: Master the art of group coaching with a curriculum that not only kindles your coaching prowess but also prepares you for ICF level one training accreditation.
  • Dynamic Learning Components: From group coaching demonstrations to crafting intensive sessions, the program is meticulously designed to foster an environment of interactive, collective learning and growth.

In-Person Participation: The Power Unleashed

  • Sunrise to Sunset Immersion: Prepare for a day-long voyage into the heart of coaching like never before.
  • Immersive Kinetic Learning: Experience the dynamic energy of group interactions with somatic thinking exercises led by Samer Hassan, designed to enhance group cohesion, presence, and empathy.
  • Direct Mentorship from Samer Hassan: Gain invaluable insights and methodologies from Samer, leveraging his extensive experience in both individual and group coaching dynamics.
  • Skill Development for Group Coaching: Delve into the nuances of activating knowledge within groups, creating interactive journeys of learning that foster deep, sustainable change.


Why STGC with Samer Hassan?

  • If guiding groups to unlock their collective potential aligns with your coaching aspirations…
  • If you’re drawn to innovative coaching techniques that activate deep, sustainable change within teams…
  • If the prospect of becoming a pivotal force in the evolution of group dynamics excites you…

On the other hand, Online Diver will benefit from,

  • Real-Time Engagement: Zoom into sessions brimming with interaction, learning, and breakthroughs.
  • Unlimited Access: Get your hands on digital materials and recordings, ensuring your learning never hits pause.



“Amplify Your Impact: STGC journy with Samer Hassan” beckons you.

This program is more than a learning opportunity; it’s a transformative movement towards redefining the essence of group coaching. By embracing the Somatic Thinking methodology, you’ll not only expand your coaching repertoire but also become a key influencer in the evolution of effective group dynamics.

Join this exceptional journey and witness your ability to inspire and transform groups to reach unprecedented heights. With “STGC: Somatic Thinking Group Coaching,” the future of group coaching awaits your contribution. Let’s elevate the art of group coaching together.


Jump Onboard!

Your Investment will be a gateway to unparalleled growth, including all program essentials, for in-person attendees, nourishing meals a breath-taking atmosphere to fuel your journey, plus the extra Somatic Thinking training for a deeper accelerated impact.

Note: Our program fees are primarily set in Emirati Dirhams with the possibility to pay in USD or EGP. Upon checkout, you will find payment plan options. 
  • In-person Deep Divers3500 AED

Fees include:

– All training activities

– One Group Coaching mentoring session.

– Access to all program recordings for a one-year

– Food and accommodation

– Transportation from the Airport/pickup point to the facility and back. (Flights are not included)

  • Online Divers Investment: 2100 AED

Fees include:

– All coach training activities only. ( Two sessions a day)

– One Group Coaching mentoring session.

Deadline to Destiny: Earlybird price (10% discount) will end on May 1st 2024



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Program Overview

  • Immersive Learning Experience: Engage in a three-day intensive journey focused on group coaching dynamics and leadership skills.
  • Expert Guidance: Led by Samer Hassan, MCC, who brings profound insights from the Somatic Thinking methodology.
  • Dual Delivery Modes: Available in both in-person and online formats to cater to global participants.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Integrates advanced coaching techniques with practical applications in group settings.
  • Post-Program Support: Includes a group coaching mentoring session to consolidate learning and ensure practical application.

Core Topics Include:

  • Group Dynamics and Leadership: Understand the fundamentals of group behaviour and how to manage diverse group dynamics effectively.
  • Advanced Group Coaching Techniques: Learn specific strategies to facilitate group coaching sessions that inspire and motivate.
  • Somatic Thinking Applications: Apply somatic principles to enhance group interaction and individual awareness within the group context.
  • Holistic Communication Skills: Develop skills to communicate more effectively with groups, enhancing clarity and understanding.
  • Conflict Resolution: Equip yourself with tools to manage and resolve conflicts in a group setting, promoting a productive and harmonious environment.
  • Customized Learning Activities: Participate in tailored activities designed to deepen your understanding and skills in group coaching.
  • Building Resilience in Groups: Techniques to help groups build resilience and adaptability in facing challenges.
  • Empowering Leadership: Foster leadership qualities that encourage growth, innovation, and a positive culture within groups.

Certification and Beyond

  • Professional Recognition: Upon successful completion of the “Amplify Your Impact: STGC Journey with Samer Hassan,” participants will receive a certificate of completion, recognizing their expertise in Somatic Thinking Group Coaching.
  • ICF Accreditation: This program is accredited by the International Coach Federation for 34 coach training hours, contributing towards the qualifications needed for ICF certification or credential renewal.
  • Continued Development Opportunities: Graduates will gain access to advanced workshops and refresher courses to continue their growth and adapt to evolving coaching practices.
  • Career Advancement: Equipped with enhanced group coaching skills, graduates are better positioned to take on leadership roles in organizational, educational, and therapeutic settings, or to expand their private coaching practices.
  • Lifelong Learning: We encourage a mindset of continuous improvement and lifelong learning, offering alumni special rates on future courses and events hosted by our academy.

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Join this exceptional journey and witness your ability to inspire and transform groups to reach unprecedented heights. With “STGC: Somatic Thinking Group Coaching,” the future of group coaching awaits your contribution. Let’s elevate the art of group coaching together.



Your coach for this journey:

  • Leadership & Coaching through presence is the art of being an authentic human in support of humanity, not only goals

June 10 @ 09:00 — June 12 @ 18:00

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Coach Samer Hassan

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