Redefine Organizational Coaching Across All Spheres

“STOC: Somatic Thinking Organizational Coach,” a unique coaching program designed under the guidance of Samer Hassan, MCC, and the mind behind Somatic Thinking. This comprehensive program empowers aspiring coaches to redefine and enhance their impact within any organization—be it corporate businesses, families, communities, or non-profit entities. By acknowledging the broader definition of organizations as systems comprising individuals working towards a common goal, STOC prepares you to navigate and influence these systems humanely and effectively.


Mandatory Completion: completion of STIC Level Required: This ensures participants bring a foundational understanding of Somatic Thinking into their organizational coaching practice.


The STOC Experience is A 3-Day Intensive Odyssey [Online] and [In-Person]

Why STOC Stands Apart:

  • In-Person Immersion with Samer Hassan: Attending in person provides a rare opportunity to experience direct mentorship from Samer Hassan. The immersive experience is designed to deepen your understanding of somatic practices within various organizational structures, from families to corporate teams.
  • Organizations in Every Form: STOC expands the traditional view of organizations to include any group structure—families, couples, community projects, and both non-profit and for-profit enterprises. Learn to work effectively within these diverse systems, recognizing and nurturing the human connections that form their core.
  • Comprehensive Learning Journey: The program spans 37 hours of intensive learning, split into two dynamic phases for an in-depth exploration of organizational coaching through a somatic lens.

Core Program Highlights:

  • Flexible Learning Options: Choose between the enriching in-person experience or the convenience of online engagement without missing the essence of transformational learning.
  • Systemic Approach to Coaching: Gain skills in navigating and influencing the systemic dynamics of organizations, applying Somatic Thinking to foster effective leadership, cohesive teamwork, and an environment conducive to growth and innovation.
  • A Spectrum of Organizational Dynamics: From the preparation stage through the coaching and conclusion stages, dive deep into methodologies that address the unique challenges and opportunities within different organizational settings.

Your Path to Mastery

  • Broaden Your Coaching Horizons: Whether you aim to enhance family dynamics, support couples, guide community initiatives, or transform corporate cultures, STOC equips you with the versatile skills necessary for profound organizational impact.
  • ICF Certification Hours: Complete the program to earn 37 hours towards ICF level one training, marking a significant step forward in your professional coaching certification journey.

In-Person Participation: Unleashing Organizational Potential

  • Sunrise to Sunset Immersion: Embark on an immersive journey from dawn to dusk, designed to redefine your understanding of organizational coaching within various settings.
  • Immersive Kinetic Learning: Participate in dynamic Somatic Thinking exercises led by Samer Hassan. These sessions are crafted to enhance not just cohesion and empathy, but also strategic thinking and leadership within organizational contexts.
  • Direct Mentorship from Samer Hassan: Gain direct access to invaluable insights from Samer Hassan, who brings his extensive experience in coaching leaders, teams, and organizational systems.
  • Organizational Coaching Skills Development: Explore the complexities of coaching within organizational systems, enhancing your capability to facilitate transformative changes across diverse group dynamics.


Why STOC with Samer Hassan?

  • If shaping the strategic future of organizations aligns with your coaching goals…

  • If you’re intrigued by coaching techniques that foster profound, systemic change within enterprises, families, and communities…

  • If the idea of playing a crucial role in the development of organizational leadership excites you…

On the other hand, Online Participants will benefit from:

  • Real-Time Engagement: Dive into interactive online sessions that promise rich learning experiences and pivotal breakthroughs.
  • Unlimited Access: Enjoy access to all digital materials and session recordings, ensuring you can revisit and reinforce your learning anytime.


“Elevate Organizational Dynamics: STOC Journey with Samer Hassan” invites you.

This program transcends traditional coaching frameworks, offering a robust immersion into the world of organizational dynamics through the lens of Somatic Thinking. It’s an opportunity to significantly expand your coaching skills, specializing in systemic transformations that impact not just corporations but also non-profits, communities, and family businesses.

Join this transformative course and see firsthand how you can drive significant change across different organizational structures. With “STOC: Somatic Thinking Organizational Coaching,” you are set to enhance your professional portfolio and emerge as a pivotal influencer in organizational development.

Jump Onboard!

Your investment in this program opens the door to unmatched growth, encompassing all essential elements of the journey. For in-person participants, this includes comprehensive training, nourishing meals, and a breathtaking setting that enriches the learning experience. Moreover, the program integrates specialized Somatic Thinking training, offering a deeper, more impactful learning experience.

Join us and transform organizational coaching into an art form with “Elevate Organizational Dynamics: STOC Journey with Samer Hassan.” Let’s redefine the future of organizations together!

Note: Our program fees are primarily set in Emirati Dirhams with the possibility to pay in USD or EGP. Upon checkout, you will find payment plan options. 
  • In-person Deep Divers4000 AED

Fees include:

– All training activities

– Access to all program recordings for one year

– Food and accommodation

– Transportation from the Airport/pickup point to the facility and back. (Flights are not included)

  • Online Divers Investment: 2530 AED

Fees include:

– All coach training activities only. ( Two sessions a day)

– Access to all program recordings for one year


Deadline to Destiny: Earlybird price (10% discount) will end on June 1st 2024



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Program Overview

  • Focused Organizational Coaching: A three-day intensive exploration into coaching dynamics within various organizational settings.
  • Expert Leadership by Samer Hassan: Insights from the forefront of Somatic Thinking, tailored for organizational effectiveness.
  • Flexible Learning Options: Accessible through both in-person and online platforms, accommodating global participation.
  • Rich Curriculum: Combines cutting-edge coaching techniques with practical organizational applications.

Core Topics

  • Organizational Dynamics Mastery: Master the intricacies of various organizational frameworks and their unique challenges.
  • Enhanced Coaching Strategies: Techniques tailored for effective leadership and coaching within and across organizational boundaries.
  • Somatic Approaches for Organizations: Apply somatic principles to foster enhanced communication, leadership, and resilience in organizational settings.
  • Comprehensive Skill Development: From conflict resolution to empowering leadership, develop skills that transform organizational cultures.

Certification and Beyond

  • Recognized Expertise: Achieve a certificate of completion that signifies your advanced capabilities in organizational coaching.
  • ICF Accredited Hours: Gain 34 hours towards ICF certification, enhancing your credentials as a globally recognized organizational coach.
  • Ongoing Professional Growth: Access to further training and special rates for alumni, ensuring your continuous development in the evolving field of coaching.


What people said about this journey


“Transformative Coaching for All Organizations: STOC Program with Samer Hassan” is more than a program—it’s a commitment to excellence in coaching across all types of organizations. Whether you aspire to facilitate change in corporate environments, enhance family relationships, or lead community projects, STOC offers the tools and insights to achieve your goals. Join us for an unparalleled journey into the heart of organizational coaching, where every system, no matter its size or purpose, can benefit from your expertise.



Your coaches for this journey:

  • Leadership & Coaching through presence is the art of being an authentic human in support of humanity, not only goals

July 15 @ 09:00 — July 17 @ 18:00

Egypt, In-Person, Online

Coach Samer Hassan

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