• Understand why deep expertise and a variety of tools might not be the key to successful coaching.
  • Recognize the unique value of a coach’s presence in fostering trust and facilitating client success.
  • Learn how changing the rules of the professional game can redefine coaching effectiveness.

The true challenge for coaches arises not from a lack of expertise or tools but from an overreliance on them. This reliance can make coaches less adaptable to the unpredictable nature of their clients’ lives. “The problem raises when coaches tend to believe that deep expertise, various coaching tools, and planning ahead is the key to success.”

What clients truly seek from coaching is not an impressive array of models, techniques, or degrees. While these might initially attract clients, what they genuinely need and cannot find in any other professional is your unique presence. “Clients won’t trust models, techniques and degrees…what they will really need from you…is your unique #presence.” This presence creates a safe space where clients can truly be themselves, encouraging them to confront and navigate the unpredictabilities in their lives.

Inspired by Frans Johansson’s notion that innovation requires changing the game’s rules, coaches too must pivot from traditional methods. “If innovation is so unexpected we need to change the rules of the game.” This means moving beyond the confines of conventional coaching, consulting, mentoring, or corporate training. Emphasizing presence over tools and techniques becomes a game-changer, a real value that coaches need to leverage and invest in.

In response to this need, I have developed a methodology called #Somatic_Thinking, which integrates presence into its very DNA. Designed to help coaches cultivate a multilayered presence that honors oneself, the client, and the broader context, this approach shifts how coaches experience everyday life. This shift translates into an authentic and effortless presence in coaching, making a significant impact on the coaching journey.

  • Reflect on your current coaching approach. How much do you rely on tools and techniques versus your presence?
  • Consider ways to enhance your presence and create a safer space for your clients.

The essence of impactful coaching lies in the power of presence. By shifting the focus from relying heavily on tools and expertise to nurturing a genuine, effortless presence, coaches can offer something truly unique to their clients. Somatic Thinking is a testament to this approach, emphasizing the need for coaches to innovate and change the professional game by investing in their presence.

Experience Somatic Thinking!!!” This call to action invites coaches to explore a methodology where presence is not just an add-on but the core of the coaching relationship, offering a transformative experience for both coach and client.

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